January 2016 | Pittsburgh Remodeling Company
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January 2016

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Pets and remodeling

How do pets like remodeling?

Remodeling (especially in old homes) is an inherently messy process. It’s a lot like moving, or camping out in your own house while work is going on. A big concern among Homeowners is how their pets will cope with unusual noises and daily disruptions that are common during remodeling.Our carpenters are also animal lovers, which is good because most of our clients live with dogs or cats. Every animal reacts differently to the stresses of a changing environment.  Some animals love it, and some hate it.  Here’s what you can do to make the project less scary for them. Tips for helping your animals make it through the project [no_unordered_list style="circle" number_type="circle_number" animate="yes" font_weight=""]Introduce your animals to the people working in your home. We try to staff the same people on...